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Emerging Tech + All the Rest 

 In my spare time I like to study emerging tech, coding and electrical circuits #NERD. With clients, I’m always trying to pitch a concept that uses new technology in an interesting way. Give me a chance to design something a little crazy and you won’t be disappointed.

Cooperative Light Installation

I was tasked with coming up with innovative uses of technology for an agency open house event. I designed several installations and worked with a team of developers to help bring these designs to life! This cooperative light installation would light up the bulbs when you visited a mobile site and moved your finger up and down. The more people who visited the site and interacted with the touch screen, the brighter the lights would shine.

Partner me with a Unity Developer and I’d love to design some new experiences with you!

Augmented Reality Posters

Another installation was to use Augmented Reality to create moving pictures on the wall. As the creative director for this project, I expanded an older project from a quote about Dr. Seuss, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” 

As the users pointed their mobile camera at the posters, the image would disappear and be replaced with an animated background with a 3D element literally standing out from wall.

Some of the marketing implications were that these technologies could encourage and reward fans to download and use a loyalty app or just to encourage additional engagement with the brand.

We later used these designs to sell a similar concept to Moe’s Southwest Grille.

Moe’s approached wanting to know if we could execute a similar concept for their loyalty app. I had the priveledge to work with the team, their food photographer and our unity developer to bring this idea to life. The final poster included interactivity where the user could tap on certain food instruments to make their own music, and the final poster can currently be seen in Moe’s locations throughout the country! Itsuch a big hit with the client that they decided to invest in producing four more!

Here are some more examples of my experimental work including projection mapping and experimental videos/animations:


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