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Prima Atlanta - Paper Sample Booklet

I was tasked with creating a tactile paper sample booklet
that matched the brand for clients to peruse while
working at a print shop in Atlanta.

I was responsible for creating various print
designs for clients, often within a 24-hour period.
This is where I first learned about CMYK and
the methods used in making print materials.

It also helped me learned
to comp designs really, really quickly.

Print Design + Graphic Design

Art Direction is more than just concepts; it’s about establishing a visual style through every piece of content that ladders back up to the original campaign idea. Or when it comes to print, that idea is usually just a single execution that has to be both visually interesting and convey its message. It’s about using the principles of design and knowing when (and how) to break the rules.

Personally, I like to break the rules a lot.

Dr. Seuss - “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

These two posters where completed during the 2015 Atlanta Adobe Creative Jam. We were given two hours to complete a design based on an unknown quote. With my partner, Kamilah Benjamin, we came up with idea of a collaging together layers with textures to answer the problem and ending up taking home the coveted trophy!

Like the flower that blooms in a jungle of adversityor the fish that swims against the school, why fit in when you were born to stand out?


Here’s some more examples of my design work:

Christopher Boyle – Art Director © 2017